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Terms & Conditions

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. This is an agreement (Agreement) between you (Customer) and Cambodian SingMeng Telemedia Co., Ltd (Provider) for Internet services, equipment, and related services and/or features (Service) at the service address specified in your account. 

1. Customer consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Provider has right to change, cancel, prolongate and of its promotion, tariff plans, terms and conditions without prior notice. In case Customer does not accept any change by Provider within 30 days of change otherwise new terms will be applied. Current terms and conditions are available on Provider's website:

2. Customer agrees that the Service provided is personal to and specific to Customer at Customer's registration address and shall no allow Provider's Internet Service to be transmitted, or otherwise provided in any way, to any other third party. 

3. Provider will furnish the Service on an "as is" and "as available" basis and Provider expressly disclaims all warranties, including without limitation warranties of tittle or non-infringement, or the implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. This disclaimer shall apply to any equipment owned, sold or loaned and to all advice, assistance, data, information, or service, now or subsequently furnished, delivered or made available by Provider, its affiliates, its contractors, managers, members or their respective employees or agents. Provider does not warrant that Service will be uninterrupted, or error free. 

4. Provider may assign all or part of its rights and obligations under this Agreement without such assignment being considered a change to the Agreement and without notice to Customer. Customers may not assign this Agreement or the Service or Company Equipment furnished under this Agreement without our prior written consent. 

5. Customer agrees to pay all charges associated with the Service, including without limitation installation / service charges, monthly service charges, charges for the use of equipment, usage charges, overage charges, taxes, duties. Provider reserves the right to change and charges, or to add new fees, at Provider's discretion and at any time. 

6. Service is purchased and provided to Customer on a monthly basis. Recurring service chages will billed monthly, in advance. 

7. Provider may disconnect Service for late payments, non-payment, or violations of Customer's obligation under this agreement. 

8. If Customer's account is disconnected due to late payment, non-payment, or violation of your obligation under this Agreement, Customer is still responsible for paying any early termination fees, if applicable, and a reconnection fee maybe required to reconnect Service.

9. Customer may cancel service by giving 30 days prior written notice. When Customer cancel service, Customer is responsible for paying of the using Service through the date on which termination takes effects and must return any Company Equipment to Provider, otherwise Customer will be charged for unreturned equipment. Equipment Deposit will only be refunded when Equipment is returned in working order. Customer has to return Equipment to Provider within maximum 6 (six) months from the date when Customer's account is disconnected, otherwise deposit is forfeited.

10. Customer acknowledges that Provider is not responsible for form, security, content or nature of data, images, information, material or anything of whatever nature passing through the connection (Data) between Customer and Provider. Customer assumes the entire risk that may arise from the use of transmission of data. 

11. Customer shall neither use, nor permit use of Provider's services in violation of any applicable Cambodian Law, regulation or rule. Customer agrees that Provider has the right to do electronic monitoring and disclose information where required to do so by any Governmental Rule, or to facilitate operation of the system or to safeguard itself or other customers. 

12. In event Customer utilizes equipment supplied by Provider, the equipment will remain the property of Provider. Customer will use reasonable care to avoid damaging the equipment and Customer will not move, relocate, alter, sell, lease, assign, encumber of otherwise tamper with any equipment owned by Provider. In event any of the equipment is not good condition immediately upon termination of Customer's internet service, Customer will be charged and Customer agrees to pay fair market value for replacement of any of the equipment.